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Vet News

Eligibility for Aid and Attendance - NON Service Connected Pension


Any wartime veteran with 90 days of active duty, 1 day beginning or ending during a period of war, is eligible to apply for the Aid & Attendance Improved Pension. A surviving spouse (marriage must have ended due to death of veteran) of a wartime veteran may also apply. The individual applying must qualify both medically and financially.



Medical Qualifications for Aid and Attendance Benefit:


  • A wartime veteran or surviving spouse must need the assistance of another person to perform
              daily tasks, such as eating, dressing, undressing, taking care of the needs of nature, etc. Blind
              individuals, patients in a nursing home for mental or physical incapacity, or residents in an
              assisted living facility also qualify.
  • Application requires a medical evaluation from a physician, current medical issues, net worth
              limitations, and net income, along with out-of-pocket medical expenses.
    Financial Qualifications for Aid and Attendance Benefit:
  • An applicant must have on average less than $80,000 in assets, excluding their home and
    You will need the following documents. Prepare these before making your filing.
  • Discharge/Separation Papers (DD-214).
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate and all marital information (unless applying for veteran only)
  • Copy of the Death Certificate (surviving spouses only).
  • Copy of current Social Security award letter.
  • Net worth information, including bank accounts, CDs, trusts, stocks, bonds, annuities, etc.
  • Proof of all income from pensions, retirement, interest income from investments, annuities, etc.
  • Physician statement that includes current diagnosis, medical status, prognosis, name and address,
                ability to care   for self, ability to travel unattended, etc.
  • Nursing Home Status Statement. (If veteran and/or spouse is in nursing home or assisted living
  • Proof of insurance premiums, medications, medical bills or any other medical expenses that are not
                reimbursed by  insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.
  • List of all doctors and hospitals visited in the last year. 
  • Banking information for direct deposit of A&A monthly payments (include a voided check).
  • If you are a court-appointed guardian of the veteran or surviving spouse, a certified copy of the court
                order of the appointment is required.
  • Employment history (does not apply if applicant is over 65).

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